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Introducing an innovative process to
Obtain, Develop, Manage, and Retain Great People

Great people drive powerful business results. With great people, productivity increases. Customer service improves. Profits soar. And the key to getting more great people is to make attracting, selecting, motivating, and keeping those people your top strategic priority. How do you achieve it?

Workforce Optimization – Drake’s new and dynamic approach to people leadership and management – is the answer. This approach delivers measurable results. At the same time, it enables contact center leaders to both simplify human resource management and effect productive change.

Workforce Optimization:

  • Identifies people with the right skills and knowledge and the right motivations and behaviors to become top performers
  • Ensures that your call center team is staffed at the right levels at the right times for optimal efficiency
  • Streamlines your work processes to ensure your people are doing the right things, the right way
  • Takes advantage of the latest recruitment, selection and development technologies to attract, develop and retain your contact center talent

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